Our Story

It was way back 2014, at the beautiful island of Bali, 10 people found each other through the same hostel they all stayed at. After a week together, new ones came, and old ones went away to a new destination or back home. Some even went to intern at Kerrisdale Roofing and Drains while gaining new alliances in the process. Still, despite the distance and differences, they all found a way to connect to each other.  Now, after five years, D Team is still intact and even growing in numbers day by day. They even sought out Vancouver homes for sale so that they can remain in one place when the time comes that they need to see each other.

Our Goal

As a traveling group from all various race and walks of life, all we want is to have fun times together as we share each other’s culture. We also want everyone joining our group to learn how to travel responsibly. Make good memories in each place and leave it as it is, if not cleaner.

Our Advocacy

We travel to see the most beautiful places in the world, and commonly, there are lots of tourists going there too. Trash can accumulate and sometimes, the pristine nature gets covered with bits and pieces of junk. We always do clean up drives and recycle the plastics we pick up. Companies such as www.Remdal.com have been participating in our cause by buying some of the recycled materials that we collected.

Our Schedule

We travel for a week to different countries once every quarter. You can always join us! Follow us on our social media accounts for the most updated itinerary. Once we arrive at a particular destination, we have activities scheduled for each day that you can join along with everyone, or you can choose to go have your own adventure.

Our Partners

Since the first time we traveled, we have made countless friends all over the world. We were able to develop partnerships with sustainable hostels and plenty of non-government organizations aiming to help the environment.


How do you save for your frequent travels?

We often travel to Southeast Asia and other affordable places only. When we go to big cities, we look for restaurants, bars, or hostels where we can work. 

How can I join?

Just send us a message so we can send you all the details.

Are you open for any nationalities?

Yes, but we don’t process your travel papers for you. You’ll be the one responsible for securing all necessary documents and visa.

Can I join only for a few days?

Yes! Your length of stay really depends on you. Some of us leave earlier, and some stay longer. However, the activities scheduled for bonding and advocacy work are only for an entire week.

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